Aja McClanahan is a financial writer and blogger who got out of over $120,000 in debt. She now shares her experience and financial insight on her own blog, PrinciplesofIncrease.com, and other web publications.
getting out of debt

Getting Out of Debt: Stop Paying Interest and Start Earning It

According to a study by Nerd Wallet, the average American household has $15,310 in credit card debt and $132,086 in household debt. I can attest to this being true; I myself started my professional career with tons of debt. I had student loans, credit cards and a not-so-smart car loan. When I got married, I had the pleasure of quadrupling my debt. Merging hubby’s debt along with the genius idea of financing a luxury vehicle while starting a new business with credit cards didn’t help. Getting out of debt had to become a priority. The one thing I regret about having so much debt […]

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