Follow these awesome 4 tips to use your money wisely have you've finally become debt free.

4 Must-Do Things After You Finally Become Debt Free

This article is a guest-post by Jacob, the voice behind Dollar Diligence (a personal finance blog focused on debt repayment and savings strategies).  Find him on Twitter for new articles and tips. Everyone always talks about getting out of debt and all the ways to become debt free but that’s usually where the conversation ends. Rarely do they mention what the next steps are and that’s a scary proposition. It helps explain why 20% of Americans think they’ll never become debt free. What you need to do is utilize the same discipline it took to get out of debt, and apply […]

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No spend weekend ideas

25+ Fun Things to Do on a No Spend Weekend [Frugal Living Tips]

Is your bank account begging you to take a time-out? Have you splurged one too many times recently, and need to get it together again. It may be time to take a “no spend weekend.” The idea behind a no-spend weekend is pretty simple:   For just a few days, you need to occupy yourself with things that do not cost any money at all.   It can be a great way to kick start a more frugal lifestyle change. Note: no-spend weekends do not mean no-FUN weekends. Far from it, actually. I’ve found that some of the weekends where […]

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how to create a monthly budget plan

The Ultimate List of Financial Goals (15+ Brilliant Examples Anyone Can Achieve)

Achieving financial success usually takes a little more than just luck. It takes extreme discipline, dedication and repeated sacrifice. It takes setting short and long term financial goals and then following through on promises to yourself. All things the majority of Americans seem to struggle with. Fortunately, research suggests that simply jotting down a list of financial goals makes you 42% more likely to achieve them. Not bad for merely putting pen on paper. Every once in a while Lady Luck steps in and changes someones life…odds are that person won’t be you. Don’t be the person who indefinitely waits […]

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Check out these actionable tips to fix and repair your credit score.

4 Easy Ways to Fix a Low Credit Score That Actually Work

garagestock | Shutterstock Your credit score really matters. Did you know that having a low credit score can increase the cost of a 5 year $20,000 car loan by over $5,000? It’s true, and less than 25% of consumers are aware of it, according to a recent survey. Auto loans aren’t the only the only thing affected by your credit score. Having a low score can can mean higher interest rates on your mortgage and having reduced borrowing limits on credit cards. Even if you don’t borrow, your credit score still matters. Credit scores are often used by parties other than lenders. For […]

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This frugal couple found creative ways to start living on one income and went back to school for another degree.

8 Tips for Living on One Income When Money is Tight

Have you ever felt trapped by your circumstances? You know, that feeling you get when you’d like to do something different with your life but you can’t miss work because that means missing a paycheck (even if its undersized). Or maybe you or your spouse would like to go back to school but know that affording it is next to impossible? Living on one income while trying to support others is difficult but it can be done. Whether its just you and your significant other or there are two (or more) little mouths to feed, there is a lot to […]

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