Personalized Coaching to Guide You Towards Financial Freedom

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Elite athletes have coaches.

Top business leaders and entrepreneurs have coaches.

For something as important as your personal finances, you're doing yourself a disservice if you don't have a high caliber financial coach in your corner to guide you.  Whether we like to admit it or not, finances are a big part of life- and you shouldn't leave them up to chance.

What is a financial coach and how can they help?

Personalized Financial Coach
A financial coach is somebody who is there by your side as you embark on the journey towards financial freedom.

Working with a coach can save you both time and money by educating you as well as guiding you on your way to financial independence. Even more importantly, it gives you peace of mind in knowing that you've taken all the right steps to secure you and your family's financial future.

Our team of trusted mentors are able to dive into your financial life and create solutions for any money issues you need guidance on.

Here's how our One-on-One Coaching Programs work:

First, you identify which area of your financial life you need the most help with.

budget planning
debt reduction
college planning

1.)  After you enroll, one of our coaches will reach out to you via email with a tailor made questionnaire to collect data on your unique situation.

2.)  After you submit your questionnaire, we gather additional data we need from you for your particular situation.  This process starts via email and we may also schedule a short phone call to gather any follow up information.

3.)  We review all of your data, crunch the numbers, and create a clear plan for you to follow.

4.)  Your coach will hold a conference call with you (via phone or Skype) where you will collaborate and go over the numbers in a way that makes the data meaningful to your circumstances.  Then you are presented with specific, clear, tailor-made action steps to guide you on your way.

5.)  After the meeting, your coach will send a follow up email with the specific action steps and advice that was covered during the call.

6.)  We will periodically check in with you to make sure you are staying on track toward achieving your goals.

If there is something else you'd like help with that's outside one of the four main categories listed above, shoot us an email and we'll see how we can help!  Here are some other areas where our team has expertise:

♦ Rebuilding your financial life after a major setback 

♦ Improving your credit 

♦ Mastering your investment behavior 

♦ Identifying and correcting bad money habits 

learn more

If you're just looking to get help with your investments, again, feel free to email us with any questions you have.

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