debt reduction

Living Debt Free: Your Personalized Roadmap


Being buried in debt can be an incredibly burdensome, suffocating feeling.  If it seems like your paycheck goes out the door to your creditors just as fast as it comes in- you're not alone.  It's time to start working towards living debt free.

If you don't, your stress isn't going to go away.  Making the decision to finally climb your way out of debt is just as much of a mental and emotional decision as it is a financial one.  And we can help.

Living Debt Free: Your Personalized Roadmap

By working with us to tackle your debt and begin living debt free, you are making an important investment in yourself.  Life changing, actually.

After you sign up, we gather information from you about your current outstanding debts and budget and get to work.  Our team then sits down together and builds a plan that is tailor made for you and your unique situation.

This means we will be setting concrete, step by step goals for you to achieve.  You'll have a simple, clear, and effective road map that identifies your “top priority” debts and a straightforward plan to pay those off first.

Getting out of debt requires focus and unrelenting persistence.  This isn't going to be easy, but with a concerted effort, you can do it!  And once you're living debt free, it will totally be worth it.

After your coach presents you with your plan, their job is to keep you accountable and to help you build momentum.  Once you have time to put the plan into action, they'll regularly check in on you to make sure you're staying on track.  This “hand holding” is an important part of the process- we know that if we just give you your plan and send you on your way, it's easy to fall off the horse and lose your way.  We want you to succeed!  And we are going to do whatever it takes to make that happen.

VTX Capital is committed to helping you take control of your personal finances.  As you're deciding whether we're the best fit to finally get you out of debt (and money-related stress), please feel free to email us with any questions you have.  We're happy to help you work through your options.